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The Jingle Ashes

December 4, 2021

Never mind the cricket.  Who will win the Jingle Ashes? Who has the funniest, rudest, longest, shortest, daftest, most hummable earworm of a Guerilla Jingle?

Two teams of Guerillas, one from Australia and one from England, got together for the ultimate pre - series Jingle off. Along the way they also found time to opine on the real cricket coming up.

Our selectors supplemented current players for each country with some ringers, chosen more for their jingletasticness than their cricket (although terrific cricketers too it must be said).

The Guerillas

Australia: Cricket Bat Cat, Messy Jezz, SOK

England: St. Annie of Exeter, Jack Hope, The Bear

With love and thanks to our amazing jinglers – Mog, Jeff Perkins, James Sherwood, Men With Ven, Senor Peel, Pryke in Munich, plus many others.

To find out who won the Jingle Ashes and who our Guerillas think might prevail in the real Ashes, listen here.

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