The Guerilla Cricket Podcast

Guerilla talks to Michelle Lang author of the Howzatt Cricket book

June 16, 2021

If you want to give a youngster a beautifully illustrated, easy to understand book to get them enthused about cricket, what choices are there? If you google ’my first cricket book’ you will find out two things. Firstly, there aren’t that many options and secondly, they don’t come cheap! Our game doesn’t always do a great job of igniting the enthusiasm of youngsters and their parents and a decline in participation numbers rather sadly, testifies to that. But there is hope. And it comes from Zulu Natal in the shape of Howzattt, A Beginners Guide to the Game of Cricket. It’s is a small but beautiful book with a big story to tell. Listen here as @tonybishop1 it’s meets author Michelle Lang. The book itself, is just 32 pages of easily digested and simply illustrated description of the game of cricket and is priced at just £3.25 (USD 4.60). It covers history, basic rules, cricket terms and whilst showing its technicalities such as shots, fielding positions and types of bowling, it achieves its simplicity without ever patronising its reader. You can get the book here. And when you do, you will be helping grassroots cricket development too 

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